Air Tankers Don't Generally Fly Near Wind Turbines

Listen to Jim Barnes starting at minute 17 talk about the real dangers of flying air tankers to fight fires and how they most likely would not fly during a fire in the Fountain Wind area. What would become of the residents in the area without air support during a fire?

Stephen Fitch

Forest Supervisor Shasta Trinity National Forest Retired - He explains why the Fountain Wind turbines would put local residents in harms way if/when a fire burns in the 50 square mile project, why the turbines would ruin the scenic area that draws tourists from all over California and why Shasta County would perhaps be liable if the project is approved.

Elizabeth Messick

Citizens In Opposition to Fountain Wind Project Steering Committee Chair

Joseph Osa

Senior Electrical/Electronics Engineer Retired

Radley Davis

Steering Committee  Member of Citizens In Opposition to Fountain Wind Project

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Hatchet Ridge

Notice the size of turbines compared to trees, Fountain Wind turbines will be 40% taller and built right along Highway 299